Rolls-Royce Protection Plan

The RRMC Protection Product line includes:

Tire and Wheel Protection

Covers damage to the client’s tires and wheels caused by road hazards such as metal, nails, glass, debris, potholes, etc.

Windshield Protection

Covers unlimited repairs (and one replacement*) due to minor chips and cracks caused by propelled rocks, road debris, and other road hazards such as wood debris, metal parts, plastic or composite scraps, or any other propelled object.

Key Protection

Provides a comprehensive emergency assistance service for keys which are lost, damaged, or stolen. Includes other incidentals such as towing assistance up to $350.

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)

Clients have peace of mind the gap between the amount the insurer will pay and the balance on the loan will be covered, in the event of vehicle theft or accident resulting in total loss.

Lease End Protection

Provides financial protection against common excess wear and use charges upon end of lease.

*Due to state regulations, the windshield replacement option is not available in the following states: Georgia, Maine, Texas, and Wyoming.

RRMC Protection Products were designed to provide long term value in protecting your client’s investment, while the exclusivity of the RRMC branded products will help to increase loyalty. RRMS Protection Products may be sold as stand-alone product, or in these bundled packages:

Platinum Protection (4 product bundle)

  • Tire and Wheel
  • Dent
  • Windshield
  • Key

Gold Protection (3 product bundle)

  • Tire and Wheel
  • Dent
  • Windshield

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