Bentley Mulliner Models Available in St. Louis, MO

What once started as a British coachbuilding company in the 1890s, now acts as the personal commissioning department for Bentley. We are, of course, speaking of Mulliner, which represents your each and every dream and desire when it comes to a Bentley luxury automobile. When ultra-luxury vehicle buyers in cities like Chicago purchase a Bentley Mulliner vehicle from STL Motorcars, they’ll be able to personalize it to their exact liking, whether it’s plum leather seating or hidden accent colors that speak to your specific tastes.

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STL Motorcars currently has two Bentley Mulliner models available, the 2016 Bentley Flying Spur V8 Mulliner and 2016 Bentley Continental GT Mulliner Coupe. Contact a product specialist at 636-489-3788 for more information on both vehicles.

Mulliner: Personalize Your Bentley

The personalization options for Bentley models are seemingly endless with custom interior and exterior design from Mulliner. Below is a list of the many options you can select to include in your Bentley Mulliner ultra luxury sedan.

Bespoke Hide Service


From the exterior paintwork to the carpeting, Bespoke Hide Service allows you to choose your favorite color and place it in or on your Bentley, wherever you like. Bentley experts can precisely match your preferred shade and replicate it anywhere in the vehicle.

Hidden Delights

Pop open the glove compartment to catch a glimpse of color, called Hidden Delights. These bursts of color, available in five different shades, can be found in the most discreet corners of your Bentley Mulliner model.

GT Design Seats by Mulliner

Liven up the interior of your Bentley Mulliner with GT Design Seats, made exclusively for the Bentley Continental. These racing-inspired seats are diamond quilted and feature contrast stitching along with the famous Bentley emblem.

Sterling Silver Atomizers

Whether you’d like a spritz of your favorite scent or want to freshen up the cabin, you can do so with the Sterling silver atomizers. The two atomizers are located in a discreet compartment set in the trim of the rear door so you can reinvigorate the cabin whenever you desire.


Painted Veneers

Available in five different colored finishes, the painted veneers are perfect for drivers who want a contemporary look and feel inside their Bentley. These hand-made pieces are sanded down to a smooth finish, painted, and polished so well you can see your reflection.

Mulliner also welcomes you to create an interior feature from your own imagination. One owner crated a stowage box that was placed in the rear center console of his Flying Spur, and another had a compartment constructed to specifically hold 24k gold wireless headphones. As you can see, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Mulliner Limited Editions

If you’d like the interior of your Bentley to fit together in harmony, Mulliner Limited Editions are the perfect option. Mulliner designers will work with you to put together a customized interior that aligns with your inner most artistic desires.


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Drivers in Chicago and in surrounding areas who are interested in the Bentley Mulliner can contact us at 636-489-3788 or through our online contact form to get started on customizing their Bentley.
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